Workshop 6 (W616): Spirituality vs. Science and Manifestation  ~ Explore the continuum that exists between science and spirituality ~ True or false: It’s “science” only if we know how to observe and measure it?’ ~ Find out how the relationship between body, mind, and Spirit holds the potential to manifest every being’s highest and best reality ~ Discuss the merging of the natural world and the spiritual realm within each of us ~ Consider the question: do we actually manifest what we WANT or what we NEED for a higher purpose?                                                                 

Workshop 2 (W216): Restorative Justice and the Self  ~ Examine how the “legal” system and the concept of “justice” can be very different w Discuss restorative alternatives to righting wrongs, mending injury, and for creating balance and wholeness ~ Examine how applying the notions of individual accountability and “making right” can result in an expanded view of justice with regard to fairness and equity for all parties. ~ It’s about action!                              

These workshops will address timely topics that are particularly relevant to self and society based upon indigenous wisdom teachings and traditions (e.g. Native Hawaiian, American Indian).

The workshops are offered as a “matched” pair according to the general topic and how it relates to C=Community/Group and S=Self/Individual. We are taking this approach as many community issues (e.g. racism, justice) also pertain to individual attitudes and perceptions that should be considered and/or addressed.

Trails of Understanding

Workshop 5 (W516): Indigenous Wisdom and the Whole Self  ~ Understand the relevance of Indigenous Wisdom in post-modern times ~ Look through the lens of ancient wisdom traditions and the values that are particularly relevant for fathoming global chaos and our own inner turmoil w Discuss alternatives for creating peace within ourselves and throughout our communities. w Learn how to live authentically by embracing your own roots and forebears.            

Workshop 3 (W316): Connection to Nature: Time and Life Balance  ~ Better understand  our Connection to Nature ~ Examine artificial constructs such as “clock time” and potential approaches for living in the “overlap” between chronological time and natural time ~ Take part in a Talking Circle and share how you promote balance in your life.                                          

Workshops for Community Enrichment and Self-Development. Join us as we engage in timely topics about self and society, looking through the lens of ancient wisdom to decipher meaning and gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.   *Advance registration required.

Workshops Held at Antioch University Midwest Campus


  • $50 per Person
  • $40 per *Elder (62 and up)
  • $30 per *Student (must be currently enrolled)
  • *Discounts apply

Dr. Wendy Peters

Raymond Tekorako Ruka

Stephen Peters

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Workshop 4 (W416): The Matriarch and Gender Roles  ~ Better understand the concept of Gender, including matriarchal and patriarchal roles ~ Examine Woman as an archetype for birth and creation and the notion of individual wholeness and balance between feminine and masculine energies. ~ Consider gender and Self identity including the lack of “labels” ~ Extend your circle of Self by acknowledging the “completeness” of others.                                     

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Workshop 1 (W116): Racism and Egocentrism  ~ Examine how concepts such as “difference,” power, and held values are reflective of recognizable patterns and behaviors present throughout nature itself ~ Explore the relationship between an individual’s worldview and the expectations of their community ~ Discuss the challenge of getting beyond perception and media portrayals that impact not only ourselves, but also our community.